3 Advantages and 4 Reasons
to Feel Relieved in Kamogawa  

Kamogawa, Chiba─. We are only 80 minutes away from the main venues at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games, 60 minutes from Tokyo International Airport, and 90 minutes from Narita International Airport. However Kamogawa is known for its serene environment and beautiful natural scenery away from the city noise, and also for the warm temperature and fine weather all year round. Kamogawa is a true Utopia for athletes.
Kamogawa is where a true “Sports Culture” exists and where the warm “Omotenashi” hospitality spirit fills the hearts of the citizens. We are truly confident in providing the best training atmosphere as well as a relaxing and refreshing stay for the athletes awaiting an important event. There are 3 advantages and 4 reasons to feel relieved in Kamogawa, and the best preparation for becoming a Champion is possible here.


3 Advantages



Advantage #1

Perfect Access from the Main Venues and International Airports

Accessibility from the venues and airports is an important factor in deciding where to train.
Kamogawa is 90 minutes from central Tokyo, 60 minutes from Tokyo International Airport, and 90 minutes from Narita International Airport, with minimal transportation stress for the athletes resulting in better physical conditions.



Advantage #2

Fair Skies and Warm Temperature All Year Round

Facing the Pacific Ocean and influenced by the warm current, Kamogawa is known for the warm weather all year round from around 5 degrees Celcius in the winter to around 26 degrees Celcius in the summer. With little rain and fair skies throughout the year, Kamogawa is the ideal training camp.


ORCA Kamogawa FC

Advantage #3
Japanese Women’s Football

We are home to ORCA Kamogawa FC, which developed in 2014. ORCA Kamogawa FC joined Japan Women’s Football League in 2017 and is one of the leading football clubs in the league.
ORCA Kamogawa FC is a community based team loved by the citizens of Kamogawa, and more than 1,000 fans gather to cheer in our home games. 
ORCA Kamogawa FC is willing to cooperate as a practice partner in a practice game to in the preparation for the Olympics/Paralympics.
Other sports teams such as Chiba Lotte Marines (professional baseball), Chiba Hawks (wheelchair basketball), and Cherry Japan (cycling road race team) also have there training camps in Kamogawa.
With the Olympics/Paralympics coming up, we in Kamogawa have never been more prepared to host any sports team. 


4 Reasons 



Reassurance #1

One of the Leading Training Facilities

With an Athletics Field, Football Field, Baseball Stadium, Softball Ground, Indoor Dome Training Facility, and a Multipurpose Gymnasium, the Kamogawa City General Exercise Facility is a leading sports complex in the area. Professional baseball, football, and basketball teams have there training camps in this facility.



Reassurance #2
World Class Medical Care Provision

Kameda Medical Center, centered in the city, is a leading Medical Hospital in Japan, and was the first to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Holding a Sports Medicine Department with English speaking physicians, and equipped with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chambers and numerous MRI Imaging machines, the best sports medicine service is available.



Reassurance #3
Serene Environment Surrounded
by the Beauties of Nature

Our beach and rice terraces are chosen among the “Best 100 Beaches in Japan” and “Best 100 Rice Terraces in Japan” and located so close the the big cities of Tokyo, we can provide athletes with a “stress-free” relaxing and refreshing training environment.



Reassurance #4
Stay full of  “Omotenashi” Hospitality

Kamogawa has always been popular among tourists, and we have various types of lodging facilities enabling us to serve over 7,000 tourists per day. We are confident that we can respond flexibly to various requests can assure you a comfortable stay here.
Kamogawa is full of “omotenashi” hospitality and the spirit of friendship, which is one of the most important Olympic spirits.


Kamogawa City(as of March 1st, 2016)

Population / 33,795
Households / 19,114
Surface Area / 19,114km2
Specialty Products / “Nagasa-mai” Rice・ “Kamogawa-shichiri” Edamame
・Seafood (e.g. abalone, top shell, shrimp)・Koi (Carp) Crackers・ 
Local Eats “Oraga-don” Bowl・Local Drink “Kamogawa Energy”
Main Industries / Agriculture・Fishing・Lodging・Medical